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Track Geometry


Staff experience in the development of computer controlled guidance systems for track resurfacing machines. Experience involved conceptualising and design of  guidance systems between 1985 and 1991. This State Rail Authority of N.S.W project successfully developed two world leading technologies that were the building blocks for the latest concepts.
This background has placed Windana Research in a position to be an information source for European based track and rail geometry products such as those provided by Esveld Consulting Services and Greenwood Engineering.


 Track geometry condition maintenance programmes encompass a wide range of remedial techniques. Short wavelength errors such as corrugations require removal by grinding of the rails. Longer wavelength errors require repositioning of the complete track panel and repacking of its ballast support. Localised dips at rail weld require the rails to be bent straight and the track panel to be repacked. Railprof is an important tool in providing objective measurement of these geometric errors.
 Other errors in the geometry require a more extensive approach with renewal of the tracks formation, ballast and drainage. Tools have been developing for all of these techniques, to improve the quality of the geometry condition produced. Most have involved the application of microprocessors and electronic control technology. The TEC measuring trolley is capable of supplementing regular track recording by providing local track managers with  objective data at their fingertips.

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