Strategic Scan Initiative

Climate Change Response in Cities requires new directions........Trend Breaking Scenario planning! Scenario Optioneering and Backcasting is becoming a favoured technique in meeting this Challenge.

The World Conference on Transport Research (WCTR) in Lisbon 2010 raised the need for evidence based assessment tools to underpin  scenario optioneering & backcasting.

An  Initiative discussed at the WCTR session  led to a number of research bodies and individual researchers expressing interest in collaborating in efforts to enable a Strategic Scan methodology to develop to fill this need. The principles are shown in the following figure:








This raises a discussion methodology, however we are open for others to suggest alternative or complimentary methods!

Let us know and join the collaborative effort with other researchers in collaborating on this Initiative. You may also be able to help develop case studies in cities or regions around the world. Help us put together typologies that can build the database to enable these Strategic Scan Methodologies to be applied in responding to climate change.

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